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Stop Your Cat Scratching

Developed and approved by veterinarians

Soft Claws is a revolutionary new product aimed at finding cat and dog owners alternatives to declawing. De-clawing your cat causes your pet immense pain and is unnecessary. What’s more, it is inhumane and can leave your pet constantly on edge. This therefore leaves you with the dilemma that your cat or dog is still scratching furniture and destroying property.

Soft Claw nail covers provide relief and also prevent your cat or dog from injuring or scratching family members and friends. Cats are temperamental pets and can lash out at children at any time without warning. Soft Claw covers prevent this scenario from ever happening while improving relationships with you.

  • Provides relief from cat and dog chronic skin diseases
  • Provides an alternative to declawing cats
  • Prevents dogs scratching
  • Protects your household furniture against cat and dog scratching
  • Protects family and friends against accidental cat or dog scratching
  • Effectively trains your cat and dog to stop scratching

Soft Claws nail covers and caps do not cause the cat or dog any pain and is an effective method to preventing and training your cat to stop scratching. The product was developed after some cats with chronic skin conditions scratched themselves and made the problem worse – Soft Claws cat covers solves this problem.

  • Recommended and used by veterinarian
  • Winner of ‘Best New Pet Product!'
  • Best selling pet innovations as seen on BBC News, Ideal Homes & Dragons Den

How to use Cat Nail Covers

Soft Claws Nail Caps are simple enough to use as they simply and comfortable fit over the cats claw while preventing them from scratching furniture and carpets. Soft Claws is also perfect for training kittens and cats to stop scratching property. Often cat owners buy their cats a scratching posts but the cat refuses to use it – by fitting a nail cap cover, the cat or kitten will learn in recommended way not to scratch.

Kitten Scratching

Training your kitten or cat can be extremely difficult and often results in many scratched and destroyed carpets and sofas along the way. Soft Claws for Kittens is a kitten sized cover which fits perfectly and comfortably.